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These Appetizers From The ’50s Are Wild, To Say The Least!

We all know that tastes change over time and this is especially true with food. What was available or fashionable for our parents or grandparents is no longer considered healthful or desirable. Not only what we eat, but how it’s presented can really be dramatically different in different decades. Take these hors d’oeuvres for example: foods like these seemed elegant, exotic, or fun back in the 1950s. For a party, these overly fussed foods would have let your guests know how much time you had spent towards making the gathering a pleasant one. All that effort! We certainly appreciate it, but wouldn’t it have been nicer if the food had looked more appetizing? In a few decades, maybe they’ll be saying the same thing about what we eat today. Watch the video to learn a few new old tricks for food presentation!

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