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3 Incredible Concept Cars We Wish We Could Buy Nowadays!

Some dreams come true and others…not so much. The concepts and contraptions dreamed up by car makers in years past were extremely ambitious. They foretold of innovative design, cars that floated, or had automatic features not truly feasible in real life. We love these old concept and prototype cars, even if they never made it to the production line! Many of the individual features of these cars did get used in later designs, like stabilization techniques, plastics, and of course, power seats! Take a peak at some of the wildest concept cars we’ve seen!

The Davis 3 Wheeler Concept Car

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In the late 1940s, Glen Gordon Davis created a line of three-wheeled cars. This former car salesman was later sued for failure to pay his workers or to provide the cars in mass quantities. Ah, it was a nice dream though? The design is simply out of this world with a smooth front, flip-up headlights, and chrome detailing!

Riveted Aluminum Concept Car

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This next car is touted as a “monster” that is “earth bound.” This spaceship looking creation has an entry hatch, tail fin, and riveted aluminum body more like an airplane than a car. Would this have been “frightening” to see on the road back in the day?

1940s Tasco Concept Car

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With components made from magnesium, plastic, and fiberglass this Tasco prototype features an exterior with crisp edges and an interior that resembles the cockpit of a plane! With levers and buttons in high-gloss finish, this 1948 cool car would have been so fun to learn how to drive! You can watch the video of all three in action below.

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