1946 Bible Returned To Family After Being Discovered In A Flower Bed

Bennett said getting the Bible back was like finding bits and pieces of her mother – and that helps her to rebuild the loss in her heart.

We sometimes may find things and we don’t give them much thought. When you happen to find a Bible in your flower bed, however, you may stop to take a closer look.

That was what happened recently in Oklahoma, and now a family has been reunited with a family treasure.

Photo: flickr/Emily May

Terry Ward, a resident of Nicoma Park Oklahoma, spoke to a local news station, saying that the Bible wasn’t wet so it must not have been there long since it had rained all night.

When he looked at the Bible, he saw it had the name “Pearl Williams” and the year 1946 inside the cover. He had no idea who she was.


At first, Ward went to the City Hall but they didn’t have any records that matched the name. He then went to the police department, who found a nearby address that was also written in the Bible. They contacted the police department in the area and found that her son still lives in the home.

Lisa Bennett, Williams’ daughter, said that it was very emotional to get the Bible back. It may have been stolen along with other items after she had died. She said: “We lost my mom in October. So that was hard enough and now to find out that I have her Bible gives me part of her.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Along with keeping the Bible, Bennett also got to keep other memorabilia, including the wedding announcement when she got married to her husband, which was also found inside of the Bible. Bennett said it was like finding bits and pieces and that helps her to rebuild the loss in her heart.

Police are looking into the theft of the Bible and other items after her death.