These 16 Vintage Pet Photos Show How People Have Always Been Nuts for Their Animals

The most adorable thing about vintage photography? Definitely the pet photos!

With all the pet videos and memes online, it’s hard to imagine that we’ve ever been more pet-crazy than right now. But, we have photographic evidence that people have always been wild about their pets. It’s so wonderful to see these old photos of women in hoop skirts with their dogs, or what tiny dog sweaters looked like almost a century ago. Photos were a luxury for many up until WWII, so if you spent the time and money to take a portrait of your pet or even have them in your shot it either meant that you had beaucoup bucks or that you were really smitten with your pet (or both).

Via/ Library of Congress
Just taking the rabbit for a walk. Via/ Library of Congress
If there’s anything cuter than a baby, it’s a baby with a dog. Via/ Flickr
Via/ Flickr
Via/ Flickr
Via/ Flickr
First lady Grace Coolidge holding her pet raccoon. Via/ Library of Congress
Tiny dog sweaters have been around for a long time. Via/ Library of Congress

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