Just as the Victorians would have trouble understanding what we mean by “on fleek” or “movie star glamorous,” so we have trouble today deciphering some of the 19th century compliments that were once used in daily conversation.

Dictionaries, glossaries, and books on slang at the time were full of strange phrases unique to the 1800s. Have a look at the 16 (unlikely) slang words that were actually compliments once upon a time!

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1) Afternoonified: refined, dignified.

2) Bricky: a solid person who can be relied upon is a brick and someone who bears these traits could also be called bricky.

3) Dimber Damber: clever, skilled, smart.

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4) Get the heels on it: you did a great job; as in now you can put your feet up.

5) Jam: a pretty girl with an easy-going personality.

6) John blunt: a straight-forward or honest individual.

7) Natty: neat and tidy.

8) Nice joint: a charming person.

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