Then Versus Now- 15 Slang Terms That Have Really Changed!

It’s fascinating how much our lingo has changed over the years!

We loved using slang when we were kids- so much so that many of those words we are still using to this day! But, every generation has their own spin on how to speak and how to be cool while doing so. There’s no question that the daily use of social media and texting that slang these days not only spreads quickly, but is influenced more by technology than by the things we used to do (like cruising, for example). Here are 15 slang terms from today that we would have said quite differently back in the day!

Via/ Flickr

15) Groovy vs. Tight

Both describe something awesome and current today, but years ago we also used tight to mean intoxicated.

14) Dropped vs. Ghosted

We’ve all heard the phrase drop him like a bad habit, but ghosting is a more modern way of doing just that. After days or weeks or months of talking online and even IRL dating, when one party goes completely silent or does the fadeaway, it’s called ghosting.

13) Drag vs. Basic

Every generation needs ample ways to express when something is boring. And so many things are boring in life. But, basic goes beyond that to imply that a person or a place is boring by choice!

12) Main Squeeze vs. Bae

Short for baby, bae has become one of the internet’s favorite words. Another origin story for the term is that it’s an acronym for before anyone else. Same difference!

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11) Blood vs. Fam

The phrase we’re blood implies a very strong friendship, as does calling a group or a person your fam (short for family).

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