Most of us have some guilty pleasures from our childhood days. We often call it comfort food. But, it can vary quite a lot from region to region. It’s only when we grow up that we realize that not everyone eats the same dishes! Here are 15 regional foods that might sound strange to anyone who isn’t from there, though most of these dishes have been thoroughly vetted by people from all over the country!

1) Fluffer Nutter Sandwich

Take some peanut butter, add fluffy marshmallow cream and you’ve got yourself a New England treat called the Fluffer Nutter! Some folks enjoy this one toasted.

Via/ Wiki Commons

2) Frito Pie

From high school ball game concession stands to the county fair, the Frito pie is a Texan classic. Like nachos or taco salad but with Fritos instead, this is often served right in a single serve Frito bag!

Via/ Flickr