We’ve all got those special tips handed down from Mom and Grandma, like the best way to get fluffy eggs or just the right way to get perfect biscuits. But, there are a few old fashioned baking tips that it seems not everyone is aware of. So, in the spirit of sharing and of success, here are some of the most helpful baking hacks that have been handed down over the generations.

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15) Butter Bashing

Use the rolling pin method to smash butter into a thinner shape so that it gets up to room temp much quicker. Place the butter between two layers of plastic wrap or use a sandwich bag and start smashing. The butter should warm up considerably by the time you have your other ingredients ready to mix up.

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14) Perfect Bananas

Bake bananas on a baking sheet to get unripe specimens ready for banana bread: 300 degrees until they turn dark.

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13) Eggshell Surgery

Use the larger part of the eggshell to remove tiny bits that have fallen into your mixing bowl, the pieces will naturally stick to each other.

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12) Brown Sugar in a Pinch

White sugar and molasses can be mixed together to make a brown sugar substitute if you’re in a bit of a pickle.

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11) Simple Designs Made with Love

Use a fork to create a beautiful pie crust and the secret is to not press too hard! All it takes is some practice, a little creativity, and light hand to create interesting pie crusts. The other good old fashioned tools for shaping pie crusts is just your fingers, pinching using both hands around the edge.

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10) Homemade Buttermilk

Make your own buttermilk substitute with milk and either lemon juice or white vinegar – works like a charm. Use one teaspoon acid to one cup of milk and stir well.

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9) Making Burned Foods Edible

Use a cheese grater to “save” burned cakes and breads.

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