11 Classic Recipes We Still Love To Cook

These dishes remind us of growing up but more importantly they taste amazing.

There are some flavors that just remind you of good memories with your parents. Real food, home-cooked and served at the table. These classic recipes never go out of style and always remind us of home. Have a look at some of the most classic recipes that we still love to cook (and eat)!

1) Chicken Fried Steak

While not classic in every region of the U.S. this is one that we grew up with and always enjoyed. The country gravy over the crispy steak just can’t be beat. Find the recipe here.

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2) Boston Baked Beans

This true classic gets an update with an easier methodof preparation. Many a wonderful meal has included this staple side dish.

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3) German Chocolate Cake

For many of us, no cake brings back quite as many memories as German chocolate does! So many holidays, potlucks, and cake walks featured this classic dessert. Get a great recipe for it here.

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