From Girdles to Garters, 100 Years of Ladies Shapewear

Most women today wouldn’t be caught dead in these underthings!

In the days before brassieres become the norm, women donned corsets on a daily basis. After World War I, things became a lot more relaxed. However, by the 1950s women were again wearing a full set of foundational garments on the regular. Back then the shape that your foundations gave you was essential to making the clothes fit a certain way.

Fast forward to the present day and a variety of modern material advances mean that our clothes are a lot more forgiving than they once were. In fact, most women today don’t even need to reach for any kind of shape wear for everyday clothing since our ideas of what women should wear these days has become a lot more casual (and usually includes some spandex). However, there are still clothes that require the correct foundation garments today, it’s just that most people have very little reason to wear them aside from weddings, proms, and galas.

From garters to girdles have a look at 100 years of shape wear in the video below.