10 Items We Miss Using Every Day

There was something about using these electronics and appliances that gave us such joy.

There are so many new appliances and electronics that have made tasks easier over the years. Quite a few of these have eliminated some of the worst chores around the house. But, there are a few old items that we just really miss using. They had their own special sounds and sometimes had to be held just so in order to work, but we loved using them. Here are some of our favorite technology items that we miss using.

1) Rotary Phones

Who could forget the days of using rotary phones? Back when party lines and talking to the operator were just a part of using the phone. Anyone else remember calling their own phone from another phone inside the house?

Image taken at District.

2) Jukeboxes

You still come across these now and again, but not like before. The jukebox often was the heartbeat of a diner or bar and dropping coins in to hear your favorite song was a treasured part of going out.

Via/ Flickr

3) Percolators

Memories of home! How any mornings did we wake up and hear the percolator? They just don’t make kitchen appliances this attractive anymore either.

Via/ Wiki Commons

4) Getting Photographs Printed

So many people rarely get their family photos printed anymore. Remember when absolutely everyone had a photo album filled with real photographs of people they loved?

Via/ Shutterstock.

5) Coffee Grinders

Of course you can use an electric one these days, but there was something about cranking the old-fashioned one and pulling out that little drawer to reveal the efforts of your work. We also used the meat grinder for making all kinds of things. I can’t say there weren’t a few sore arms now and again, but it was worth it!

Via/ Wiki Commons

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