10 Most Hilarious Answers Kids Gave On Tests

There’s something to be said for failing boldly and creatively.

We all know that kids say the darndest things, and that includes written answers on tests! Sure, these kids might have failed to grasp the actual concept of the questions, but they sure were creative about it. There’s something to be said for failing boldly. Even some of the teachers found their answers funny enough to assign credit even though they were not accurate. Go ahead and check out some of the most hilarious answers kids have given on tests!

Move It Move It

Love Conquers All?

I Don’t Even Like Science

I Mean… They’re Not Wrong

Sage Advice

Swing And A Miss

We Should Test This Theory…

Katniss Would Disagree

A+ For Creativity

At Least They Are Self-Aware

Check out more cute and hilarious test answers in the video below!