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12 Terrifying Bridges You Have To See To Believe

Few things have captured the world’s imagination — and anxiety — as much as bridges. Some are rightly considered awesome feats of modern engineering. Others inspire travelers to hold their breath or spit in an effort to bring good luck. Still more promise legendary amounts of danger, including the abandoned railway track turned Siberian river crossing that’s spawned a Facebook page for survivors. Read on for our picks of the world’s 12 most dangerous bridges, and whatever happens, don’t look down.

12. Trift Bridge, Switzerland

Perched 328 feet above a pristine glacier valley, Switzerland’s Trift Bridge is considered, at 558 feet in length, to be one of the Alp’s longest suspension bridges. The bridge is modeled after a Nepalese three-rope bridge, albeit with sturdier metals to transport the thousands of travelers who traipse through this stunning Alpine region each year.

Which iconic bridge is just minutes from Vancouver?

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