August 3 - Today's Featured Antiques

from: Jennifer Hoban: "I'm stunned! The teapot is circa 1800-1810, most likely Coalport. The tea bowls and saucers are circa 1830 Enoch Wood & Sons, pearlware glaze. I got all 3 for a grand total of $45.05! The only thing "wrong" with the pot is the broken spout, but someone did take the time decades ago to have a custom metal German replacement made. I'm just floored that I got these for so little money!"
from: Cathy Hunt Garland: "this piece of furniture was given to us..........I think it dates from 1906.......can anyone tell us more about it?"
from: Danielle Cross: "My findings today in Texas, old canteen and Colgate shaving stick!"
from: Chandra Apple Bartlett Caulder: "Found these in a box of silver...they are engraved but I cant make out the letters. I'll follow up with a close up of the back and the engraving."