July 5 - Today's Featured Antiques

from: Joyce Ward: "Can anyone tell me about these candy dishes? My grandmother owned one like this in the late 50's and early 60's, and hers was pink with gold grapes and a gold knob on the lid. One of these is clear with gold bans around the rims of both the lid and the base. The other one is green with gold grapes and a gold knob on the lid. There are no markings anywhere. I would very much appreciate any information on them. Thank you."
from: Georgann Fisher Van Gemert: "Does anyone know anything about this piece? My mom said she bought it at an auction in the late 70s. I can't find anything online and there are no markings that I can find."
from: Melinda Crist: "Can anyone tell me what this is. Found in an attic."
from: Susan Sutherland: "Can someone help me with style, age, etc? This is part of a little girls 4H project and she was counting on me. I have spent hours on line and with magazines etc. HELP!"