July 4 - Today's Featured Antiques

from: Lori E. Nathan: "This is really a tiny toy I found it in my grandmas stuff early 1900s she was German so wondering if it's an old toy"
from: Kelly Logan Murphy: "I bought this ewer/pitcher at an estate sale last year. The cuff is sterling silver and has a Goodnow and Jenks turtle mark on it, however, there are no markings on the glass. I don't know if it is lead crystal, cut glass or what. There are circles cut into the glass. It was suggested by a local antique dealer that it may have been a custom piece. I can't find anything with this design. Anyone know anything about this? Assuming it originated in the Boston area. Cuff suggests made between 1896-1910."
from: Kim Marr DeMarsh: "These Campbell Soup Twins were passed down to me from my Mom. She got them as a gift around 1946 or 1947. Clothes are original. They are sweet and keep me company in my studio!"
from: Becki Blakeslee Lawson: "I have never seen a watch this large before with the knob at the bottom of the face. it is a nlittle over 3 inches in diameter. Any ideas anyone??"