May 24 - Today's Featured Antiques

from: Mary Ann Stein: "My awesome vintage toy find today. 1961 Ideal Robot Commando. Original box, 1 missile and 5 rockets plus instructions. Unfortunately he didn't fire up but someone will love to display this classic."
from: Letty Riley: "Just bought these, can someone tell me the best way to clean them? Was told the single item (far right) is a 40's dress adornment). The others are earrings with screwbacks. Any idea how old these may be? Thanks!"
from: Andy J. Romero: "Vintage armani? Gold/diamond frame idk can't find it online anywhere?"
from: Maria L. Edwards: "I just inherited my grandmothers vintage Toastmaster waffle maker. As you can see it has been well used. I am having quite a time cleaning all the greasy residue off of the top. I am using Mr Clean Stain erasers and am still having a lot of trouble. I was thinking of trying oven cleaner but am not sure. Any suggestions? Please help me out if you can"