These days, it’s not uncommon to hear about the excessive and lazy nature of our society. As technology advances, people are finding easier and more efficient ways to perform everyday tasks. That said, sometimes items can teeter on the brink of pointless and lazy; at least, that’s the message Rob Higgs wanted to convey. Higgs designed what’s labeled as the World’s Greatest Corkscrew (in a somewhat tongue-and-cheek manner), and whether or not you agree with his message, you can’t help but marvel at this wondrous contraption.

According to Christie’s, the device is built from around 300 pieces of scrap iron, including a drill, spanners, cannon balls, lathe handle, clock springs, weights, cogs, wheels, and chain. Its purpose? To unscrew the cork on a bottle of wine! Although you don’t get the title of World’s Greatest Corkscrew for just any old reason; this corkscrew also pours you a glass. Sure, you may deem this machine frivolous, which is what Higgs was going for. That said, you can’t deny the genius engineering and creative construction behind it. See the contraption in action in the demonstration below!