Nicole Dominguez (who goes by @mynamemeansvictory on TikTok) happened to be at an antique warehouse that was five towns over when she made an incredible discovery.

She only visited the warehouse on a whim, which makes the story an even crazier one.

Photo: TikTok/@mynamemeansvictory

“POV: You visit an antique warehouse five towns over on a whim and the first thing you see is the portrait of your mom you did when you were 5yo being sold for $48.00 as ‘Amateur Watercolor,'” reads the text on her stunning video.

Nothing could have prepared her for this moment and we cannot begin to imagine how stunned she was when she saw the portrait.

Photo: TikTok/@mynamemeansvictory

Nicole is seen walking towards the camera while she holds the portrait and her face says it all. She is in a state of total and complete disbelief.

This story comes with a very happy ending as well. The seller was not about to charge her for her own portrait.

Photo: TikTok/@mynamemeansvictory

In fact, they let Nicole know that she could keep it for free. Viewers were just as stunned as Nicole and they wanted to know how a piece of sentimental artwork could end up so far away from home like this. How on earth did this painting manage to migrate five towns over? We were just as flabbergasted as she was to see this.

It was not long before viewers were blaming Mom for this and we are right there with them. Why would she end up giving this away?


My mom was equally confused. On the plus side they have it to me for free. #antique #warehouse #DanceWithTurboTax #childhood #twilightzone

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“Mom has some explaining to do,” said one viewer. “MOM!!!! How did this leave her house?” asked another. Nicole decided to clarify the situation and uploaded a follow-up video to explain things to everyone.

“The first thing that I saw was the portrait of my mom that I did when I was five. I immediately FaceTimed my mom who was shocked that it was being sold, and she instructed me to buy it back no matter the cost and ask where they sourced it,” she explains.


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Either way, it’s nice to know the portrait made it back to safe hands!

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