Woman Searches For Owner Of Personal Letter She Found At Goodwill

The heartfelt letter was tucked into a book at a Gilbert, Arizona Goodwill.

This Gilbert, Arizona resident made the most amazing discovery when she was shopping at Goodwill recently.

Rose Farmer was at the store, searching for a costume for her daughter. While she was there, she decided to take a moment to peruse the book section as well.

Photo: YouTube/12 News

“I started looking at the books and an older lady was next to me. She’s the one that actually picked the book up. And the note fell out,” Farmer shared in a video with 12 News.

The note that she found was written by a father who wanted to uplift and encourage his son. “Believe Trent – Believe You are loved and respected! So let’s get going, the ride may be bumpy but we will get there. When you believe in you as much as I do you will be there. Dad,” the note reads.

Photo: YouTube/12 News

Farmer knew that she had to purchase the book but her mission was not over then. From there, she started to search for the man and his son. To get started, she posted the message on a Facebook group for Gilbert residents. Hundreds of residents did all that they could to signal boost it and provide all of the necessary assistance.

“I feel like maybe all of us who were moved by the note are indeed a Trent, thanks for sharing the love note,” one group member wrote, according to the news outlet. Other commentators let her know that they were rooting for her. Farmer is hoping that she will have the chance to hear the story behind this note one day but in the meantime, all she wants is for the note to be reunited with its rightful owner.

Photo: YouTube/12 News

Until then, she hopes that others are able to get their own encouragement from the note. “Sometimes it takes a stranger, you know what I mean, to lift you up and say, ‘You know what? I believe in you. And you can, you can do great things, you know, you can overcome any obstacle,'” she shares.

With any luck, the note will finally make its way to the son who it was meant for. Kudos to Farmer for being willing to go above and beyond to make that happen. If you would like to learn more about her mission, be sure to take a moment to watch the local news video:

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