Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With These Vintage Doll Houses!

Check out these great vintage doll houses! Did you have one that you used to play with?

We have such fond memories of our childhood doll houses, so it’s like taking a walk down memory lane seeing these cute mini mansions! If you still have your treasured toy in the attic or garage, go ahead and dust if off to share with everyone…we can’t get enough of them and we’re sure the children in your life will love them as much you did!

from: Val Jeanine Davis-Kavanaugh: “any idea how old these doll houses are and what they are worth. they are both metal. “
from: John W Mcintire Jr: “I bought this from an estate, it’s a doll house I think, all of the furniture is hand made,drawers open,secretary desk opens,grand father clock has all the parts in it, and their is a book showing all of the pieces are hand made,it lights up if I could figure out how it worked, does anyone know how I can find out any info on this little house, I would love to know,someone put a lot of time into this”

This miniature lamp is just the sweetest thing!

from: Patricia Robinson: “This charming miniature Lamp was found in our basement 42 years ago . I would guess it was for a Doll House. I decided to keep it. Any opinions about this? Thank you Dusty Old Things for allowing me to show things that mean a lot to me and I’m sure will bring back memories to some. Pat.R 3-2014”
A Look At Vintage Doll Houses!
from: Carol Jenkner: “I was inspired to photograph my doll houses when I saw the Christmas postings. I recently acquired the small tin litho house that has its original price penciled on the bottom-89 cents.”