Have you ever really studied the money in your pocket? It doesn’t matter if you are talking about nickels, dimes, or dollar bills, there is something interesting to look at on each and every one of them.

That being said, most of us don’t really give it any attention, but thanks to the American Women Quarters Program that starts in 2022, we might just be pulling our money out and examining it.

Photo: Pixabay/Jeff Weese

The United States mint is starting this initiative in 2022 and it will last for four years. An American woman who has inspired others will be featured on these quarters and the first that will be released is featuring Maya Angelou.

She is perhaps best known as a social activist but she also is a writer and performer that has entertained many.

Photo: flickr/GPA Photo Archive

The US mint is starting this initiative to celebrate what American women have done to contribute to others. The number of designs that come out each year until 2025 may differ but there will be up to five annually. If you look at the front of the coin, you will see the familiar image of George Washington, who has been there for quite some time. On the back of the coin, however, you may see women such as Dr. Sally ride, Nina Otero-Waren, and Wilma Man-Killer.

The design that includes Maya Angelou will show her looking into the distance with her arms raised. A bird in flight is seen by her figure, soaring into the sunlight. Her poetry was behind much of the imagery on the quarter but it is also symbolic of her lifestyle.

Photo: usmint.gov

The autobiography she wrote, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, was released in 1969. A number of other works have been released since then, including over 30 titles that went on to become bestsellers. In 1992, she wrote a poem for the presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton.

Angelou has inspired many over the years, leading to her being presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Pres. Obama.

Photo: flickr/York College ISLGP

The newly minted quarter in 2022 will share her legacy with many and you are likely to find her in your purse within the next year.