15 Of Our Favorite User-Submitted Old Kitchen Item Photos

Check out some of the fun kitchen items submitted by our users that have caught our eye.

Growing up, the kitchen was always my favorite room in the house. Not only was it full of delicious food, but it was home to some of the more interesting objects. Check out some of the fun kitchen items submitted by our users that have caught our eye. Do you collect or own any interesting or antique kitchen items? If so, send us a photo, we’d love to see them!

from: Wendy Audit: “This is a 50 year old fridge that we had in the basement of our cottage, it used to be in my father-in-law’s variety store. We just got rid of it as it was all rusted out at the bottom and hadn’t worked in years.”
from: Shelley M Johnston: “Vintage toaster!”
from: Charms Bortner Mynhier: “I found this at a Good Will today. Is it an egg poacher? It is Nippon. “
from: Missy Marisa Shiotelis: “Kitchen Item, think it might be a cheese press but cant find any more info”
from: Carol Musselman: “Does anyone know anything abou this. International Silver co. marked “The Conrad Hilton” I found this stashed underneath a hidey hole in the kitchen of my Grandmas bungalow in Denver. It seemed like an odd place to find this.”
from: E.c. Cord: “Love old Rolling pins and wooden kitchen pieces. Here is my collection in an old basket. Do not bake anymore.”
from: Lori Wademan-Rodrigue: “Does anyone have a year for this Alaska Ice Cream Maker or value? Was a gift from my husband he got it for ZERO dollars 🙂 A very unexpected gem I just love it and would love to know more about it. It has all working parts and would be usable, however, for me…..it’s a display piece. Haven’t decided where, perhaps kitchen or as a planter. Just don’t want to ruin it by using it in the garden….so debating. Thanks for any info, it will be appreciated :)”
from: Rob Schrader: “Hoosier kitchen cabinet in great refurbished condition.”
from: Patricia Robinson: “This is a pic of some of my Iron kitchen pieces. Flat Iron ridged for dripping and two other skillets also for meats. These will need burnt off a little for grease and cleaned. Been in my loft for long time. Small skillet with lid is Cracker Barrel that I got a long time ago. It is lighter in color. All are heavy. 8-12-2-14 Near Proctor W Va.”

from: Cindy Dahlgren: “My 1949 Wedgewood — we remodeled our kitchen around it!!!”
from: Dusty Old Thing: “From Shelley M Johnston: “Some of my kitchenware I collected over the years”Antiques always have stories. See more at -> https://dustyoldthing.com/”
from: Shelley M Johnston: “fun vintage kitchenware”
from: Terry Morgan Morrison: “Some of my vintage kitchen collection. Scales, bean pot, and cake saver.”
from: Widad Wb Freedomlover: “My vintage kitchen utensils”
from: Charmaine Castanie-Yancey: “Old fridge works great for cold drinks”