The Things They Did To Survive the Depression

Folks did whatever they could to make ends meet.

5) Cash Out Policies

Many people cashed out their life insurance policies just to have some money to live on. With so much need in the moment, it made sense for many families.

Via/ Library of Congress

4) Good Neighbors

They helped each other out when possible, taking up collections or offering free services for those in need.

Via/ Library of Congress

3) Provided for Strangers

Feeding strangers who showed up at the door was a regular occurrence in many households.

Via/ Library of Congress

2) Bartered What They Could

When money was scarce, people bartered for what they needed when they could.

Via/ Library of Congress

1) Saved Their Pennies

Don’t spend unless you have to was the order of the day.

Via/ Library of Congress

Through careful management of their goods and money, folks were able to feed their families- even if it was just barely.

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