15 Struggles That Kids Today Will Never Know

10) No Film, No Pics

Time was when you had to make sure you had film before a big event, otherwise no pictures! Now everyone just seems to use their phones!

9) Damaging the Phone Cord

It was easy to get the phone cord warped and twisted from too much twirling and stretching, especially since most of us were trying to get a little privacy.

8) Trying to Get Hair Curlers to Stay In

It was a real struggle all night. Man, we had some rough tries with this one!

7) Siblings Getting on the Other Phones in the House

They just wanted to disrupt your phone conversations! In houses with two phones and spiteful siblings this was a real issue.

6) Dropping By Spur of the Moment

We used to to just drop by a friend’s house, sometimes only to realize they weren’t there and with no cell phones there was no way to reach them.

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