Pirate Treasure Found In A Storage Unit?!? You Gotta See It To Believe it!

While this story is a few years old, it’s just too phenomenal not to share!

While this story is a few years old and some of you may already be familiar with it (especially if you’re a fan of the show Storage Wars), we thought it was just too phenomenal not to share!

So many of us always fantasize about what could be in the storage unit. If you take four large boxes that are unmarked, inside there could be anything from old blankets that smell like mothballs to valuable baseball cards, electronics and more! The beauty of the show Storage Wars is the risk and reward of these individual storage units.

According to Dan and Laura Dotson of American Auctioneers, one lucky newcomer purchased two storage units for around $1,700, only to discover that one of the units contained a blue, rubbermaid tote filled with Spanish coins; $500K worth of gold pieces, to be specific!

Normally when you hear about people going treasure hunting, you imagine it’s deep in the sea or on some deserted island, not a plain old storage unit. Watch the video for the full, unbelievable story!