3-D Artist Creates Realistic Animation Exploring The Statue Of Liberty

3D animator, Jared Owen, came up with a pretty extensive informative virtual tour into the statue and it’s fascinating.

Even if you’ve never made it to the actual Statue of Liberty, there is still a chance to take an inside tour of it – all thanks to 3D animation.

3D animator, Jared Owen, came up with a pretty extensive informative virtual tour into the statue. He shared that in order to get into the statue one would need to pass through the Centennial Doors which have 192 steps at the end of the pedestal.

Photo: rawpixel

From there, there are seven floors to climb. Once inside, there are several levels that you can enjoy some cool views. At 3P you can go outside in order to enjoy a view of the surrounding area, but it’s not till Level 6P and the official observation deck where things get really magical with a 360-degree view.

Owen also shared some other background information on the statue itself like its official name being Liberty Enlightening the World. Over time though, it has simply come to be known as the Statue of Liberty. The statue itself was a gift from France to the US back in 1886.

Photo: YouTube/Jared Owen

Regarding the color, he shared that it was originally made out of sheets of copper. The design was created by Gustave Eiffel and it was built in Paris, France. It took nearly 10 years to build before it was shipped over to the US. Of course, in order for it to make the journey, it needed to be disassembled into 350 different pieces. That must’ve been fun to put back together.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Owen also added, “One thing you can’t see from the ground is a broken shackle and chain. This is meant to symbolize the end of slavery. The statue is 46 meters tall. If you count from the ground up, it’s 93 meters tall. That’s about as tall as a 20-story building.”

Check out the video below:

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