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These 8 Old-fashioned Party Games Remind Us of So Many Good Times

We had so much fun playing these games with our friends and family. It seems like we didn’t need much to have a good time back then- just good company and a few fun games!

5) Tiddlywinks

Once an adult game, then a children’s game, we played Tiddlywinks pretty often as kids.

6) Hot or Cold

Try to guess what the rest of the room knows! We learned so much about our friends by playing these types of games.

7) Blind Man’s Bluff

When we played blind man’s bluff we just always hoped we escaped without serious injury, although a little bumbling around was part of the fun!

The Games We Used to Play at Parties

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8) Dominoes

There are so many variations on dominoes that kids today have no knowledge of. We could play dominoes for hours with our friends!

We made many fond memories at parties just enjoying a simple game of charades or dominoes. They may not have been fancy, but we always had fun playing these timeless games!

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