It’s the sayings about money and cooking that seem to be the most everlasting- it seems like one or the other is always off somehow! These sayings will never be untrue because they speak to the most basic problems we face everyday. They get to the heart of what’s important in life which is probably why our parents and grandparents used them so much.

6) A penny saved is a penny earned

Anyone who lived through the Depression had this saying etched in their mind and it’s helpful for those wanting to save today. With all the in-app purchases and online deals it’s hard to remember that all those pennies add up.

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5) Silk purse from a sow’s ear

This one’s a bit rough, but most of us had plenty of experiences like this growing up. We had to make do with what was on hand and it taught us to be creative.

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4) Don’t borrow trouble

This is one for the ages! Of all the things we cannot see coming down the road, trouble is one thing we never need more of! That means treating people with respect and keeping gossip to yourself, among other things.

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3) A watched pot never boils

Truer words were never spoken. The watching just seems to make it take longer!

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2) Better to bend than to break

We don’t hear this often enough these days, but it applies to so many areas of life. It’s amazing what a little compromise can get you.

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1) Make hay while the sun shines

If you waste time your opportunity might disappear. Seems like we heard this one all the time!

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There’s no question that these old-fashioned sayings are still relevant today. These timeless pieces of wisdom will no doubt remain as useful as ever- provided that people still use them! And, if you’ve ever wondered where we get some of our commonly-used phrases then click here to read about the origins of some popular sayings.