Of Bonnets and Bunnies: April 17

Of Bonnets and Bunnies: April 17

It looks like most of the earliest photos, shared with us by our readers, of themselves or family members in Easter bonnets and holding bunnies date to the mid-1940’s. We have had a few that are older, but most have hair bows. So, just for fun tonight, here are some that we’ve selected. They show a time when we dressed up for Easter and, if we were lucky, had a stuffed bunny.

from: Harriet Weakley Johnson: “My Mother’s Elllen Weakley Easter photo in 1918”

Harriet’s photo is a real treasure. There appears to be a rabbit, maybe a chocolate one, in the very fancy basket to the left.

fromJolene Dodge: “This was my Easter when I was almost two.

Ok, she isn’t in a frilly dress with a bonnet, but Jolene IS riding a jack rabbit. This doesn’t happen every day! Thank you so much, Jolene, for giving us the most smiles! We’d love to know where this was taken!

From Jane Mansfield Dreyling: “Easter April 1, 1945…. My Mother , sister and me…..I’m the one Mother is holding. My dad was serving in the Marine Corp in the Pacific Theater at this time.”

Jane’s photo is so touching. It moves the heart to know that the children were celebrating Easter while their father was in the war. Notice, too, the suit that Jane’s mother is wearing. Rationing regulations limited the amount of material that could be used for a suit or dress. Designers created patterns to fit those restrictions and wearing one of them was considered “doing your part”. That’s why you see so many similar suits in the period, even on famous actresses and, of course, Eleanor Roosevelt.

From Idnac Sekots: “So in honor of Easter coming up and it going to be Throwback Thursday…this is my mom Ruthann Stokes (Circa – 1945-46) in her Easter bonnet.”

Her dress is precious!

From Lois Furlotte: “Me with my back to the camera but holding on tightly to my bunny. With my parents, two sisters and little cousin.”

This is a wonderful photo showing that it was still cold that Easter. It’s so nice seeing whole families and the kinds of clothes worn by children.