Dictionary.com Has Added More Than 650 New Words

They made over 15,000 updates, including adding hundreds of new words and revising thousands of older words.

The English language is interesting on so many different levels. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about it is the fact that it continues to grow. Terms such as novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and others are just some of the examples of new words that have come about recently. In April, dictionary.com updated the lexicon by adding 650 words!

Some of the words are very new and others have been around for a short time. But one of the things that all of the words have in common is the fact that they are now a part of our language. You will be happy to know that not all of them are associated with the current pandemic!

Many of the words have to do with the way that we live our lives in recent years. For example, have you ever heard of Sharent? It has to do with how a parent will put the life of their child on social media. Racism has also become a hot button issue, especially in recent years. Terms such as brownface have made the news. In addition, ethnicity terms are also on the move, such as Afro-Latino and Afro-Latina.


It isn’t only new words that have been added to dictionary.com. 2100 new definitions were tacked on to existing entries. Another 11,000 definitions were revised. It’s not unusual for dictionary.com to change things and to update their website, but this is the biggest update they’ve had yet.

There are many things to explore on dictionary.com, but for now, you can look down through the following list of 50 new words posted on the website:

1. Af

2. Afro-Latina

3. Afro-Latino

4. Afro-Latinx

5. Agile development

6. Amirite

7. Assistance animal

8. Battle royale

9. Bombogenesis

10. Brownface

11. Cap and trade

12. Comfort animal

13. Community management

14. Companion animal

15. Conservation dependent

16. Conservation status

17. Contouring

18. Critically endangered

19. DGAF

20. Dunning-Kruger effect

21. Ecoanxiety

22. Emissions trading

23 Emotional labor

24. Emotional support animal

25. Empty suit

26. Extinct in the wild

27. Filipinx

28. Filipina

29. Gender reveal

30. GOAT

31. Hodophobia

32. Information bubble

33. Ish

34. Jabroni

35. Janky

36. MeToo

37. Natural language processing

38. Nothingburger

39. Off-grid

40. Pinay

41. Pinoy

42. Pinxy

43. Ratio

44. Sharent

45. Swole

46. Techlash

47. Therapy animal

48. Whitesplain

49. World-building

50. Zhuzh