After Finding A 50-Year-Old Treasure, He Decided To Track Down The Owner

An interesting metal-detector find turns into a feel-good story!

What a great story! After you read this one, you’ll wonder why you haven’t bought a metal detector and quit your day job yet.

But we both know this kind of thing doesn’t happen to everyone who goes looking for metal. And the story doesn’t end quite the way you think it does. This man didn’t get crazy rich from his find—at least not in cash. So don’t quit that job just yet!

Gerry was out with his metal detector one night when he came across something interesting. Buried under 4 inches of sod and soil, he found a beautiful gold ring!

After taking a closer look at the ring and doing a little research, he found out that it was a class ring from a nearby high school, and that the ring was more than 50 years old! Crazy, right?

He could have just pawned the ring off and made some extra cash, but he’s just not that kind of guy. Determined, Gerry set out to find the ring’s owner. What a heart of gold this man has!

See what happens in the video below!