Remember When Ladies Dressed So Beautifully?

Back then women dressed to higher standard.

8) Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

From proms to weddings, the bare shoulder dress (often with lots of ruffles) was a sophisticated look which didn’t actually show too much skin.

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7) Gloves

For many decades women wouldn’t have been caught leaving the house without their gloves if they could at all help it. These days gloves are mainly only for the winter and few women wear them as matter of course. You almost never see bright white gloves in summer anymore!

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6) Straw Hats

As well as gloves, there was also a time when ladies wore hats whenever they were stepping out for the day.

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5) Flowers Behind the Ear

Another refined fashion statement was the flower behind the ear- flowers being seen as an attractive accessory.

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4) Scalloped Edges

Along with all the fabulous accessories and lace came scalloped edges on ladies clothing. This delicate touch was very feminine and added a little extra something to an outfit.

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3) Peasant Blouses

These quaint blouses have gone through many revivals, but they were prettiest with skirts and a headband.

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2) Frilly Aprons

Especially if company was coming over, many housewives chose frilly or ruffled aprons to wear while cooking or serving. These elements of fashion were so pretty!

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1) Elegant Nightgowns

Just because it wasn’t on public display didn’t mean that a woman’s night clothes couldn’t be fabulous. Sets with matched robes or bed jackets weren’t uncommon and most women’s night wear was quite dainty. Silk and lace were common back in the day.

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