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Halloween Joys That Most Kids These Days Will Never Know

On Our Own

Staying out late without a parent was not the worst thing back in the day. Sometimes our folks came with us, but often there were plenty of other parents who knew us there or older siblings to keep an eye out. Also, people were more trusting that nothing bad would happen if the kids were only out for a few hours. And being out after dark? No problem!

We Went Where the Candy Was

We had no qualms about traveling to a different neighborhood if they had better candy or more homes! Of course, not every parent allowed this, but it was great fun to explore other areas of town and to find out what folks across the way were giving out for candy.

The Good Stuff

Remember getting full sized candy bars when you went out trick or treating? Those really were the days! You see rarely this sort of thing on Halloween now.

Sugar Was Not the Enemy

There was no “one piece” rule for most of us and many kids made themselves sick on too much candy – a lesson in moderation our parents were quite willing to let us learn the hard way!

Bobbing for Apples

At Halloween parties back then there wasn’t such a concern for a sterile environment and bobbing for apples was a very common party game that was played just about everywhere there was a spooky celebration. This game goes back centuries and enjoyed a revival around the turn of the century among English and Irish immigrants’ descendants.

Homemade Costumes

Our moms worked really hard to make just right thing for us! From fairy wings to ghost tunics to mummies, it really was a labor of love. If there was enough money a store bought mask or hat was bought, but for the most part they were quite the DIY for Mom!

Carving Pumpkins

Once we reached a certain age, our parents had no problem letting us carve a pumpkin with a real knife, whether that was a wise move can be debated. These days kid-safe pumpkin carving tools abound, but it’s adults who can benefit from as well since carving-related injuries from using knives around this time of year are all too common for adults.

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