8 Things Our Grandkids Won’t Recognize… I Still Use #5 All The Time!

There will come a time when a child or grandchild will point to something like a typewriter and ask, ”what is that?”

Thanks to the advancement of technology, a lot of every-day items we grew up with are now becoming obsolete. Smart phones give us the ability to carry out tasks that would’ve required several different items just twenty years ago. And while we’re all for making life easier, we still find ourselves reminiscing about some of the things from our past (some of which we still use). Maybe you’ve already experienced it, but there will come a time when a child or grandchild will point to something like a typewriter and ask, “what is that?” When that happens, all you can do is laugh; that, and remember what it was like in the Good Old Days!

8) The Rotary Phone

Phones these days don’t even have buttons, let alone cords or rotary dials! Can you imagine describing to a young person nowadays that in order to call a number, they have to turn that dial all the way to the corresponding digits, at least seven times? Their reaction would probably be quite amusing!

From Diamondmagna via Wiki Commons

7) The Phone Book

Not only did we have to actually dial our numbers, but if we wanted to look up a number, we had to find them in the phone book! Before we could just Google the business we were looking to contact, we’d go to the Yellow Pages and search alphabetically. Instead of clicking on the name of your friend on your phone, you either had to remember their number or go to the White Pages or your own personal address book!

From Tomasz Sienicki via Wiki Commons

6) The VCR

Some of you might remember the excitement surrounding the VCR when it first came out. For the very first time, you had the ability to record something off of live TV that you could then watch at your leisure… talk about On Demand! Sure, you had to wait your desired program to air, and maybe the quality wasn’t the best, but this kind of viewing power was unheard of at the time.

From Akinom via Wiki Commons

5) VHS/Cassette Taps

Soon there will be a generation that has never lived without the Cloud. Imagine the difficulty explaining what a VHS or cassette tape was for to said generation. Yes, this large, cumbersome tape was necessary for us to watch movies or record our favorite shows. And cassette tapes? How many of you remember listening to the radio station, waiting for your favorite song to come on so you could record it? Nothing was worse than when the DJ would talk over the intro of the song.

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