Family Spooked After Finding “Painting Of Their Son” In Rural AirBnb

The painting was later identified as “Flowers in the Meadow” by the Swiss painter Carl Larsson.

If we had to stay at a bed and breakfast that is this secluded, we would expect to make some interesting finds but this mother took that simple concept to a whole new level.

Our heart goes out to her. Once you have had the chance to see the discovery that she made, you just might be frightened as well. This Swedish family decided to stop at this bed and breakfast to break up the monotony of a long drive.

Photo: Unsplash/kaluci

“Just arrived at our secluded rural B&B to find a painting of our youngest child depicted as a small girl,” Jennie Stevenson tweeted. She shared a photo of her son alongside a photo of the painting, to drive the point home.

“There’s absolutely no terrifying precedent for this, so it’s probably fine,” Janine joked.

“Is it too late to find another place to stay …?” one Twitter user asked.

We are right there with them on this one. If this had been us, we might have decided to sleep in the car. “OMG. If I find the pictures of the other four of us I’m definitely out of here,” Janine replied. The family is said to have made it through the night, which is a minor miracle.

That does not mean that they were able to get through the night without some worrisome moments. “Did wake at one point to hear an unusual papery sound, as though someone was flipping the pages of a book,” Janine tweeted. “Locked the door, obvs [obviously], and was tempted to lock the children in their own room, but, ftr [for the record], I did not.”

According to The Mirror, her little girl was actually the first one to notice the bizarre picture, as the family happened to be sitting down to have dinner at the time. “My daughter just went, ‘Mom, there’s a picture of Barney on the wall,'” Janine shared.

The painting was later identified as “Flowers in the Meadow” by the Swiss painter Carl Larsson.

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