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Enjoy Ageless Beauty With These Makeup Tips


Choose A Liquid Foundation (And Avoid Glitter)

Powders can settle into wrinkles and make skin look ashen. If you just can’t get rid of your favorite powder, be strategic about how and where you use it. In general, stick to the T-zone: your forehead, nose, and chin, and even a light dusting over the eyelids. Liquid foundations and creams in warmer tones will help the skin to look vibrant and awake.

Concealers can be a helpful tool in your makeup kit, but use them wisely; don’t cake on concealer. Instead, apply gently with clean fingers or a brush for even, light coverage.

All that glitters is not gold, so be mindful when applying makeup that has glitter. Lightness and brightness are great in terms of makeup, but glitter, like powder, can settle into wrinkles and have the opposite effect.

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