We’ve never seen a barber do this to men’s hair before! In 1956 greaser hairstyles were really something and this film reel from British Pathé shows just how interesting it could get. We tend to think of blow-outs, extensions, and overly-styled hair as the domain of women, but clearly that wasn’t always true! Male vanity was alive and kicking in the 1950s and it wasn’t just Brylcreem and combs they had at their disposal. Of course, hairstyles like these were perhaps the exception since most men didn’t have the time for elaborate teddy boy

and greaser hairdos, but we still love to see something so complicated taking shape.

Watch as one barber creates the “elephant’s trunk” look using hair extensions on a rather hip cat at the corner barber shop in the video below. Makes you wonder, since we don’t see the attachment point, if the barber used any bobby pins!