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10 Weird Hacks For A Healthy Life (Without Breaking A Sweat)

Plant A Garden

While gardening has multiple obvious benefits – gorgeous flowers, fresh produce, etc., did you know that getting down and dirty in the garden can be more calming than reading a book? So next time you feel anxious, stressed, or even depressed, consider going outside and planting a garden! The sun rays and productive work with your hands is sure to prove a worthwhile hobby.

While You’re Out In The Garden, Watch Some Birds

Bird watching may sound like a sedentary activity, but it’s actually really heart healthy! Often, bird watchers walk at a leisurely pace out in nature to find some feathered friends. Walking at 2 miles per hour, for two hours can burn up to 400 calories. Plus, the fresh air and the thrill of the find helos relieve stress and anxiety.

Pour Another Glass Of Red Wine

That’s right! In moderation (dang it), red wine has numerous health benefits, including preventing heart disease, and possibly cancer! Cabernet Sauvignon has even been shown to help prevent Alzheimer’s. So, drink up, my fellow wine-o’s! Cheers to a healthy life!

Learn How To Play An Instrument

Even if you’re not a musical genius, learning an instrument has many health benefits. It helps with hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Plus, did you know that learning an instrument can actually raise your IQ 7 points? Playing an instrument can also lower blood pressure.

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