Physician Creates Modern Masterpiece Gowns Based on Films and Paintings

It takes a lot of studying to become a doctor and the hours are long once you finish school. But, for one physician her passion for historical costume means that she always makes time for her sewing. Christine Millar is not only a doctor, but she has been making historical recreations of famous gowns throughout history for years. It’s incredible the level of detail that she achieves in her work. Have a look at some of her gorgeous gowns and dresses below.

Millar models the finished Madame de Pompadour dress in the photo above from Instagram. The original can be seen in a painting from the 1750s (below). Madame de Pompadour was the famous mistress of king Louis XV who was so fashionable that her clothes and hair sparked new trends among the court of pre-revolution France.

She also has taken on some less-literal projects like her World War I era suffragette outfit, complete with the white, purple, and green sash that suffragettes on both sides of the Atlantic proudly sported in their efforts to gain the vote.

Fashion plates of various eras are also game for reproduction like the illustration of a red dress adorned with black feathers from 1887 below.

The seamstress has also taken on more modern projects inspired by films as well. Her recreation of the black Givenchy dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) is perfectly executed in chic style.

And, Millar has also recreated the black-and-white striped dress worn by Christina Ricci in the movie, Sleepy Hollow (1999).

She calls herself a textile artist, but many people online think of her as a historical fashion influencer since she has a rather large Instagram following and a YouTube channel. In addition to being a wife, mother, doctor, and sewist, Millar is also an ambassador for Baby Lock sewing and overlock machines. Millar says she has a reputation for being “the sewing doctor” as she’s been sewing for many years – all through her medical training and beyond. It just goes to show that if you truly love a hobby you’ll find a way to make time for it in your life.

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