1968 This Film of Disneyland Conjures Magical Memories

It’s so interesting to see what’s changed and what’s the same!

It’s interesting to see what has stayed the same and what’s changed at Disneyland over the years. And we especially love seeing all the beehives and the iconic fashion from the late 1960s again in these wonderful scenes!

Mickey-shaped balloons abound, but it’s not surprising that with all the coiffed hair there aren’t more Mickey Mouse ears being worn. The more popular headband version wouldn’t be sold at Disneyland until the mid-1980s.

Perfectly curled hair, cardigans, and suits even in the summer! Via/ YouTube
The flower market on Main Street. Via/ YouTube
Strolling the streets of New Orleans. Via/ YouTube
Getting ready for a submarine ride. Via/ YouTube
Traveling the Jungle Cruise. This attraction is one of the most constant at Disneyland with the route and boats having changed little over the decades. Via/ YouTube
The Matterhorn and accompanying ski lifts. Via/ YouTube
Via/ YouTube

To see all the magic of Disneyland in 1968 watch the video below.