After Sitting In An Attic For Years, This Painting Is Finally Recognized As A Van Gogh

This is an older story but we thought it was remarkable enough that those of us who missed it the first time would enjoy hearing about it. After sitting in an attic for years, a painting from 1888 has finally been recognized as an official Van Gogh. The painting — which is titled, “Sunset at Montmajour,” and portrays a beautiful landscape — was purchased by a Norwegian art collector named Christian Nicolai Mustad in 1908. Mustad received some bad information and, believing the art to be fake, banished the painting to his attic. While Mustad died in 1970, we’re not sure who the current owner is (they have chosen to remain anonymous). However, the painting was submitted for authentication in 1991 and was rejected by the Van Gogh Museum. The recent discovery that this is indeed a true Van Gogh is big news, as this is the first time a full-canvas painting by Van Gogh has been discovered since 1928. 

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