The Typewriter Is Such A Marvelous Piece Of Technology!

Now that we have computers and tablets, it’s easy to look back at typewriters fondly (they weren’t the easiest things to use, that’s for sure!). They’re beautiful pieces of technology that really capture a moment in time, so it’s easy to see why they’re so collectable. The following clip features a brief history, and some of the more noteworthy brands of typewriters.

We’ve also gathered some of our favorite user-submitted photos, so check them out too!

from: Helen Young: “Any info on this Underwood Typewriter much appreciated.”

from: Debbie Dubbs Cato: “Underwood portable typewriter. Can anyone provie me a history & value for this typewriter?”

from: Sally McAllister Ackermann: “Found this old Remington Portable Typewriter. Does anyone know where the date would be on it. Also shouldn’t it have like a handle to return the carriage? A Novice.”

from: Cindy King Barrow: “Can you help me find out the value of this typewriter? I can’t find any info on this particular model anywhere.”

from: Kay Burford: “My 66 Imperial Typewriter… So simple and straightforward to use, compared to all this technology these days, it’s so hard to buy the ribbons for them now.”

from: Judy Griffith Wilburn: “Remington typewriter I used some fifty years ago.”

from: Nancy Kirk Starnes: “This is a Remington Rand, Model Seventeen Typewriter from the early to mid 1940’s. There is a plate on the front of it, upper left side that states “Property Air Force United States Army”. I found this one day this week at a thrift store.”

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