Coffins From 2500 Years Ago Have Been Unearthed By Archaeologists In Egypt

Much of the painted decorations were retained on the coffins and they are lined with hieroglyphics.

In Egypt, there has been an amazing discovery. Archaeologists have found many ancient coffins near the step pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara. This site was in the ancient capital of Egypt and served as the necropolis. Some of the oldest stone buildings preserved from history are found in this area. A burial shaft was found that led to the tomb, and 27 coffins were found. They were well preserved.

The sarcophagi have not yet been opened, but it is thought that they were buried approximately 2500 years ago. At first, they found 13 coffins buried 36 feet deep in a well back in September. Last week, however, a different well yielded another 14 coffins. According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Neveine el-Arif, the team members are working to learn where the coffins originated and to discover as much as they can about the mystery.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities talked about initial studies that were run on the coffins. They have not yet been opened. It is also thought that additional coffins will be found on the sides of the wells. The video footage and images show that it is truly a wonderful find. Much of the painted decorations were retained on the coffins and they are lined with hieroglyphics.

There have been a number of interesting discoveries in the past few years. 30 coffins were unearthed in 2019 at the Luxor at El-Assasif cemetery. A well-preserved mummy was found inside of each of the coffins and the Grand Egyptian Museum now has those artifacts. The museum, which is located near the great pyramid, is under construction at this time but has many artifacts to display.

Additional discoveries were turned up at Saqqara recently. Egyptians used that area as a burial site for more than 3000 years, so it shouldn’t be surprising that more is being found. A 4000-year-old tomb was also discovered on that site in 2019. It is thought that it is from the 5th dynasty, and the walls are still colorful.

We have learned a lot about Egyptian culture but we still have a long way to go. Watch these videos that show the coffins found in Saqqara.