A Few Toys from Days Gone By: December 16

A Few Toys from Days Gone By: December 16

One nice thing about Christmas is getting to look back and remember not only the toys that delighted us at Christmas, but hearing stories from our parents and grandparents about the Christmases they had long ago. There were stories of fancy toys before the Depression, then thankfulness for an orange and a rag doll, then stories about the first Lionel train in the ’50’s or a Tiny Tears doll.

We’ve selected just a few photos recently posted by our readers to share in our collective memories of days gone by…

from: Carol Dvorak Volkman: “This was my father’s toy horse. We figure it’s approximately 80 years old. I removed it from the attic on our farm and redid the details………….and gave it back to him on his 65th birthday!!!!! He told stories of not having many toys as a child and he was so taken with this that he would just start at it for hours.”

from: Jennifer Parsons Hicks: “Would you like some tea, dear?”

from: Jackie Lentz Broome: “My mother’s Bylo Baby Doll. In her original gown and sweater.”

from: Sue Winifred Frisbie Ellinger: “Hope you don’t mind if I share these with you. They belonged to my mother’s younger brother. He was born in 1921.”

Thanks to everyone who enjoys talking about antiques and the stories that go with them!