9 Vintage Games to Play with the Grandkids This Summer

5) Pick-Up Sticks

There never was a simpler game in all of creation. But, man did we have fun playing pick-up sticks as kids! Refresh yourself on the rules here.

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4) Hopscotch

With so many variations on how one can draw the squares, there’s no one right way to play this timeless game. By simply drawing different squares or adding a time limit to each turn you create your own unique spin on the game.

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3) Skully

Who could forget playing with our melties in the street or becoming the killer diller? Find the rules for skully (or scummy top as it was also known) right here.

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2) Old Maid

Catch up on the rules of this easy-to-play (but very fun) card game here.

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1) Cat’s Cradle

In case you haven’t played in a while, you can find a variety of string tricks and shapes right here.

Many of these games have been around for hundreds or thousands of years and are played all over the globe. So we hope you’ll try them with the grandkids and teach them something that will stick with them for the rest of the their lives!

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