17 Iconic Snacks That ’80s & ’90s Kids Can’t Help But Remember Fondly

6) Gushers

There was nothing quite like this treat since they were gummy snacks with fruit goo in the middle. It was more like syrup, but with a tangy kick from a lot of added vitamin C, (like a lot of the best snacks from the era).

5) Hi-C Ecto Cooler

Who could have believed that Slimer was selling a kid’s drink made from only 10% juice? We can – Ecto Cooler tasted like the Mountain Dew of juice drinks!

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4) Hubba Bubba

Hours and hours were spent chewing on these soft pieces of bubble gum. They came in a lot more flavors and were more enjoyable than bubble gum balls or sticks. However, they did tend to lose their intense flavor pretty quickly.

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3) Kudos Granola Snacks

As one of the first granola bars to do really well commercially, Kudos were successful mainly because of the chocolate chips inside and the chocolate coating on the outside, too. The catchy song didn’t hurt, either.

2) Cookie Crisp

This breakfast cereal didn’t have much of a cereal or a cookie taste either. Rather, Cookie Crips was it’s own unique brand of sugary sweetness that sold well year after year until healthier options became the more popular choice among parents.

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1) Sqeezit Fruit Drink

If you got this packed in your lunch it was a big deal. Sweet, sugary, and obnoxiously flavored fruit drinks just didn’t get any better than this.

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