6 Of Our Favorite Candies of the 1960s; I Wish They Still Made Number 5!

The flavors and scents bring back so many memories: going to the corner store after school, the teacher’s prizes for doing well, and the pennies saved up to go to the candy store. These are some of our favorite candies from the 1960s.

6) Turkish Taffy

Via/ Flickr

This hard, crackable candy was invented in 1912. In 1936 it acquired the name we know it by. Turkish Taffy became extremely popular in the 1960s with popularity declining after that. In 2010 they started making the candy again, much to the delight of hard-taffy-lovers. The candies sold at an unprecedented rate!

5) Coconut Neapolitans

Via/ Wikimedia

These beloved candies imitated the look of Neapolitan ice cream, but with a coconut base. Whether you had these in candy or bar form, the flavors of coconut, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate were a delicacy among kids!

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