One of the great things about antiques is that¬†they help us realize just how much some things have changed. Some everyday-items from the past have become completely irrelevant, while others have changed dramatically. Below we’ve found 7 everyday-items that have either gone the way of the dodo or have drastically changed since their heyday. Scroll down to see number one, then click the next button to find the answer. See how many you can correctly identify, and leave your score in the comments below!

From: eBay / sgri7811

We’ll start off with an tough one! You don’t see them very often, although they are making a comeback thanks to food bloggers finding different, creative uses for them.

If you said egg slicer, then bravo! The egg slicer has been around since its invention in the early 20th century. These days, people use egg slicers for just about anything: cheese, fruits, vegetables, you name it!

OK, so this one might not be an everyday-item, but we wish it was! Many of us probably did something similar to what this contraption does in our science classes growing up. Need another hint? It was perfect for a hot summer day. Click next for the answer!