25 Fascinating Photos That Show The Strange Side of History

As we browse through thousands of photos each day, we often come upon unique, strange, or simply extraordinary photos that we’d love to share, but simply don’t fit anywhere else.

6) The Double-Decker Demo.The UK were pioneers in public transport by really pushing for the double decker busses throughout the city. However, both the public and government officials were wary at first. The tall, narrow vehicles looked as if they’d tip over with the slightest breeze. To counter these worries, the manufacturers put on demonstrations like this one in 1933 that showed that even at extreme angles, the busses were at little risk of tipping!

7) Knocker-Upper on the Job. This early 1900s photo captures what was known as a “knocker-upper” doing his morning rounds. Before the age of alarm clocks on our phones, people often had a hard time waking up on time. They thus contracted with men such as these to come give them a quick “knock” on the window each morning!

8) The First Selfie. It was 1839 and there was a mad rush to get the first commercial camera to market. Various inventors and businessmen were working on different techniques in the late 1930s, and one of them was this man, Robert Cornelius, who of course had to take the first-ever selfie!

9) Watering the Penguins. This 1930s photo was a promotional shot for a local zoo and shows a zookeeper giving the penguins a nice little afternoon shower. This one always makes us laugh.

10) Dog Man with Cat. People have long tried to get their pets in creative photos, but this one from 1950 takes the cake. Here we see a nice doggo in his best outfit with his favorite kitty friend on his lap. You have to think this one took quite a few shots to get right.