This 2,000 Year-Old Bread Recipe Survived The Eruption Of Mount Vesuvius!

You’ll Never Guess How Old This Recipe Is – Check It Out!

In 79 AD, in a small town in Italy, a baker made up a batch of dough and placed it in the oven. At that moment, Mount Vesuvius erupted and the entire town of Herculaneum was buried. It wasn’t until the excavations in 1930 that that oven was revisited. Fascinated by what was found in the oven, the British Museum asked chef, Giorgio Locatelli, to recreate this 2,000-year-old recipe (you can find the written recipe here). Follow along as he recreates this bread and make note of the unexpected differences in dough made 2,000 years ago and that made today – we were surprised by some of them!