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20 Creative Inventions From The Past That Will Make You Appreciate Technology Today

11. 1929, Wooden bathing suits made swimming a lot easier.

12. 1931, The radio-equipped straw hat.

13. 1935, The first piano designed for the bedridden.

14. 1925, This group using bike tires as an early lifejacket.

15. 1948, The first motorized surfboard for the savvy businessman.

16. 1939, Canadian women wear plastic shields to help their sight during snowstorms.

17. For when your baby needs fresh air but you’re tied up at home.

18. Illuminated GoodYear tires for those last minute stocking adjustments

19. 1936, One of the first all-terrain vehicles rolling over the English countryside.

20. 1961, Harold Graham salutes President Kennedy just before demonstrating his “Rocket Belt”

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