18 Quilting Bee Photos That Showcase A World Lost to Time

These photos hail from an era of real community and craftsmanship.

Not only do we now do nearly everything on sewing machines, but the very idea that your friends and neighbors would gather to help you is a long gone idea for most of us. But, going to the store and buying a new comforter simply wasn’t an option for our ancestors, so they had to make what would adorn their beds.

Apache reservation quilting party, 1913. Via/ Flickr
“Ladies of the Helping Hand society working on quilt. Gage County, Nebraska, 1938.” Via/ Library of Congress
“Housewives in Tygart Valley, West Virginia, have weekly group meetings in home economics. Here they are quilting, 1938.” Via/ Library of Congress
“Quilting in sharecropper’s home near Pace, Mississippi, 1939.” Via/ Library of Congress
Migrant mother, 1939. Via/ Library of Congress
Farmer boy quilt pattern on quilting bee quilt, 1939. Via/ Library of Congress

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